Who we are

After more than 8 years of working together sitting on the opposite sides of the same table, being in different camps but following a common goal, one of each side of the action, one delivering and the other one receiving, we have finally realized that we know each other so well, that we can trust each other and, the most important, that we can complete each other. So we understood that putting together our energy, skills, professionalism and extended experience we can achieve a high level of performance in high-technology services.

As a follow CORATELCO appeared, founded by:

Florin TruiaFlorin-Doru Truia, master degree in telecommunications and applied electronics, diplomat engineer with 25 years activity experience of which 20 years in international project implementation. Coming into project and program management from technical background (Major Expert Alcatel-Lucent - Core) and following a long experience in multi- division complex programs implementation ( as Program Manager for Alcatel-Lucent International Operations Department) Mr. Truia has a perfect overall view on all phases of a project roll-out and implementation and a deep technical global understanding of the project that allows him to integrate the efforts of the various specialized teams involved in the project and to consolidate in a complete result the contribution of each domain of activity specialists. Having successfully conducted projects on 3 continents ( Europe, Asia and Africa) Mr. Truia was one of the most appreciated Alcatel-Lucent specialists and was promoted as Alcatel-Lucent Ghana Manager serving in this position for 7 years.


Samuel Attoh-OkineSamuel Attoh-Okine, diplomat in telecommunications engineering with over 30 years experience in telecommunications project implementation. Mr. Attoh-Okine is also coming from technical background being one of the first engineers in Africa specialized in digital telecommunications Core equipment. As a follow Mr. Attoh-Okine was part of the team that implemented the first digital exchanges in Ghana. Due to his merits and excellent managerial abilities proven with Ghana Telecom (and later Vodafone Ghana) Mr. Attoh-Okine has been promoted up to senior manager position serving long years as Fixed Network implementation Manager ( with Ghana Telecom) and Head of Implementation – Core ( with Vodafone Ghana).

As Mr. Truia sees the action more from the equipment producer side, Mr. Attoh-Okine comes to complete the picture with a network operator approach creating the necessary harmony for a smooth progress of a job well done.

As a major remark please note that Mr. Truia and Mr. Attoh-Okine have been the key players in establishing the first Ghanaian nationwide digital telecommunication network with Value Added Services and of modern design for voice, data and signaling.

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