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It was not yet organized a contest to establish the toughest animal on the planet but, if it will be done, the RATEL stands high among the favorites. This little animal always overtakes his size trough his absolutely amazing temper. Wonderfully combining the intelligence with his physical strength the small African honey badger is always successful. This notorious fearless and tireless creature will overpass any obstacle to reach his goal, will pass trough water or fire, will get stung by bees and bitten by venomous snakes and will wear out much larger animals in physical confrontations. The tenacity is also another part of the RATEL’s behaviour persisting in following it’s target when all competitors have longtime gave up! They are also known as wise animals being among the very few animals on the planet that are using tools to ease their way. The RATEL is the champion of survival , will live anywhere, in any conditions and will take any sort of animal or vegetal food at hand.

No wonder that in all Africans culture the RATEL has become the symbol of toughness, of perseverance in achieving the scopes, the example of survival and adaptation in any conditions, the nickname of somebody that is successful no matter what!

Adinkra is a concentrated tablet of intelligence offered as medicine for the brain and for the spirit. Rarely you can hear a wise thing in Akan Culture that is not using an Adinkra symbol to underline the meaning of the words… Originating from the Akan cloth weaving in Brong-Ahafo region and concentrating popular proverbs and maxims into abstract shapes, the Adinkra symbols have become part of the daily routine of West Africa life and can be found everywhere: on cloth and walls, in pottery and furniture, in decorations and logos.Therefore, it has become of common usasge to express a whole lot of thougts using a single symbol. A particular Adinkra symbol is ”WAWA ABA” ... or the seed of the wawa tree, that is symbol of hardiness, toughness and perseverance. As the seed of the wawa tree is extremely hard, WAWA ABA is a symbol of someone who is strong and tough, it inspires the individual to persevere through hardship and comittment. As a follow, and according to our vision statement, we have chose the African honey badger to represent our main symbol and the WAWA ABA to confirm our guiding line.

So now you have de answer to the question: Why CORATELCO?

Because is about COmpetence and COmmitment, because is about COllaboration and COordination, because it sounds RATEL



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